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Last updated: 09/07/2018, 6:16 PM

Firefighter recruitment questions answered

10/02/2017 16:50

There have been quite a few questions on similar topics from potential firefighter applicants who are concerned about our recruitment process.

Here answered the common questions about our eligibility criteria to help reassure you that we want applications for all Londoners.

Are you more likely to get in if you are a woman?

No. Everyone has to reach the same standard. However,  it's true that we do want to increase the numbers of women and black and ethnic minority firefighters.

We do that by encouraging more people from these groups to apply by targeting them with advertising but that shouldn’t put anyone else off from applying. 

It's important to stress that everyone can apply and only those who have the right mixture of skills, aptitude and fitness levels will get through no matter who you are.

Firefighters in their uniform

Why can't I apply if I don’t live in London?

There are some exceptions to this rule including those who are currently serving in the armed forces and London based students.

However, if you don't fall into any of the exempt categories then yes, we are restricting applicants to London residents.

The reason for this is that we want our workforce to reflect the community we serve and ensuring that most applicants live in London is a simple way of achieving that.

London is the most ethnically diverse area in the UK with the highest proportion of minority ethnic groups.

By having the 12 month London residency restriction, we hope to increase the proportionality of applicants from under represented groups, along with encouraging applicants from a wide range of socio economic groups.

Become a firefighter

To apply to be a London firefighter you need to be at least 17.5  years old, have a full driver's license and a permanent London address for the past 12 months, although there are some exceptions, for example, for those serving in the armed forces.