We celebrate diversity and strive for inclusion at London Fire Brigade.

Inclusion and diversity at London Fire Brigade

London is one of the most diverse cities in the world. To protect and serve the capital, we will work together to celebrate and value diversity, and strive for inclusion for our staff and communities. We launched our Togetherness Strategy in 2020, setting out exactly how we will achieve this.


Togetherness is more than just a strapline. Supported by the Commissioner and led by our staff, our Togetherness Strategy sets out how we will:

  • Build a culture of belonging
  • Be inspired by difference
  • Be at the centre of London and the communities we serve
  • Deliver excellence through inclusion.


Togetherness Strategy

Download PDF (1,998kb)

Our Togetherness Strategy goals and impact:

Building a culture of belonging

We want every member of staff to be able to bring their whole self to work, feeling a sense of belonging in the Brigade.

Our ambitions

Being inspired by difference

We will listen and learn from different perspectives, and be inspired by our diverse staff and communities to make changes.

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Being at the centre of London and the communities we serve

We will build strong relationships between our internal and external communities to help us make great decisions.

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Delivering excellence through inclusion

We will be transparent, accountable and develop inclusion to be a core part of everything we do.

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Compassion, togetherness and accountability

Our core behaviours at LFB are a call to action: to be compassionate, to embody togetherness and to be accountable. We strive to embed these behaviours into everything we do, for our staff, communities and the wider public.

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