Sustainable success stories.

We're really proud of our record on sustainability – take a look at what we've achieved so far. 

Environmental success stories

Making a big difference from an environmental perspective

Our aims?

To continually reduce our carbon and air quality impacts, focussing on the key emissions we can control from our buildings and fleet, whilst continuing to protect the environment from harm through careful management of the incidents we attend and the things we need to provide a fire service.

Our ultra low emission BMWi3 ranger-extenders roled out in 2016


Our successes so far

  • 100% electric car fleet, with publicly accessible electric vehicle chargepoints at 9 fire stations. 
  • CO2 reduction from 1990 levels: 40.5% – that's substantially more than most public sector organisations.
  • Onsite renewable energy generation meeting 7.25% of our overall needs.
  • Added some exciting awards to our shelves: Green Fleet magazine awards: Public Sector Fleet of the Year award for Large Fleets – winner; Fleet News awards: Green Fleet of the Year – shortlisting.
  • We have planted a forest! – Braidwood Forest in Rainham as part of 150 year celebrations
  • Continued to maintain ISO 14,001 accredited certification for management functions and 10 high risk stations.

Social success stories

Making a sustainable difference to people and places 

Our aims?

There are three things we focus on in this area of our sustainable practice:

  1. Community safety (fire prevention, protection and response)
  2. Building a fairer society (equality, diversity and social inclusion)
  3. Protecting our people (health & safety)

Our successes so far

  • Made nearly 85,000 Home Fire Safety Visits, with over 68,000 to people who are statistically considered 'high risk'. 
  • Formalised and adopted at 10 year Inclusion Strategy.
  • Reached the Achievement level with the London Healthy Workplace Charter.

Sustainable successes from a financial perspective

Using public money sustainably for London and Londoners

Our aims?

As a public sector organisation, we have a responsibility to make sure you get good value for money, and for us value means providing broader benefits to Londoners and the world around us than just the bottom line.

In practice, this means doing things like making sure all our contractors are paid at least the London Living Wage, and trying to spend more with SMEs to keep money in our local economy instead of big business shareholders's bank accounts. 

Our successes so far

  • Creating 22 apprenticeships in our workplace, and delivering 173 job starts and 27 apprenticeship starts in the last 5 years.
  • SME Invoices paid in 10 days: 99.82%.
  • Contractors staff paid the London Living Wage: 162.

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