Make a change

to help us reduce the impact of flooding

Our exhibition at Chelsea Flower Show 2022 highlighted how the use of less porous surfaces, and the absence of greenery from front gardens can make flooding worse.

But there are changes we can make to reverse this effect, so below we explain how you can choose plants which help manage rainfall, and how to change your driveway to help with drainage.

How you can help


Rainfall on leaves


Discover which plants are particularly good at managing rainfall.

A car half submerged in floodwater


Learn what the alternatives are to non-permeable front gardens.

A CGI image of the LFB stand at Chelsea Flower Show showing a flooded front garden on the left and a dry front garden on the right.

Our Chelsea Flower Show stand

Didn't make it the show? Don't worry, you can find out about it here.

Heavy rain falling into a puddle

Preparing for floods

Learn what steps to take before, during and after a flood.

Two smiling women looking at something on a phone.

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