and the Building Safety Regulator.

Welcome to the London Fire Brigade’s Building Safety Regulator page. The Building Safety Regulator (BSR) is the new regulator established to ensure that some higher risk buildings meet the highest safety standards. Their mission is to protect residents, improve building safety, and enforce compliance with safety regulations. The BSR works to oversee the design, construction, and occupation of high-risk buildings, ensuring they are safe and resilient. LFB is one of the fire and rescue organisations, nationally, that works in collaboration with the Regulator to help ensure the safety and well-being of residents. 

The Building Safety Regulator, alongside London Fire Brigade, plays a vital role in maintaining and enhancing building safety standards by acting as the enforcing authority for the Building Safety Act 2022. This includes: 

  • Overseeing the safety and standards of high-risk buildings. 
  • Ensuring compliance with building safety regulations and standards. 
  • Enforcing compliance and taking necessary actions against non-compliance. 


Compliance and Enforcement 

The Building Safety Regulator ensures that all high-risk buildings comply with the established safety standards. Compliance involves: 

  • Regular assessments of building safety management. 
  • Submission of safety reports and documentation by building owners. 
  • Implementation of necessary safety measures and upgrades. 

Compliance with the Building Safety Act is mandatory for all high-risk buildings to ensure they provide a safe living environment for occupants. 

Enforcement actions are taken against those who fail to comply with safety regulations. This can include fines, legal actions, and, in severe cases, prohibition of building occupancy. This is in addition to any action that London Fire Brigade may take. Their goal is to ensure that all buildings are safe and secure for their residents. 


Resources and Guidance 

Whilst London Fire Brigade works alongside the Building Safety Regulator, we are unable to answer questions about the regulator’s activities. However, the following links should provide sources of help and advice. 


What to do now 

The Higher-Risk Buildings (Keeping and Provision of Information etc.) (England) Regulations 2024 places a duty on those responsible for the safety of high-rise residential buildings to provide the local fire and rescue Services with certain information. This includes the following: 

  • The name and contact details of the Responsible Person 
  • The key building information for the building that is provided to the regulator. 
  • The original and current floor plans demonstrating key fire-fighting equipment 
  • The evacuation strategy and evacuation information 
  • The safety case report for that building. 
  • Information on the planning, design or construction of the building  
  • The design and materials of the external walls 
  • Documents detailing a refusal of building assessment certification application  
  • Any contravention notices issued by an accountable person for the building to a relevant person. 

For more information about this piece of legislation follow this link The Higher-Risk Buildings (Keeping and Provision of Information etc.) (England) Regulations 2024 (legislation.gov.uk) 

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