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School visits.

London Fire Brigade Pop-Up Museum is here to bring history to life, sharing inspiring stories of firefighters and Londoners long gone... 

Why bring your class to the London Fire Brigade Pop-Up Museum?

If you have a Key Stage 1 class – or are homeschooling at age 5-7 – a visit to the London Fire Brigade Pop-Up Museum is a fantastic way to teach children all about The Great Fire of London.

The London Fire Brigade Pop-Up Museum is in the process of relocating to the old headquarters of London Fire Brigade on Albert Embankment. However, we know just how important it is to inspire young minds about history – so we're keeping our unique heritage accessible for educational visits. 

Join us in Lambeth

Currently based at The Workshop on Lambeth High Street, we run unique, fun sessions for primary school age children – you'll need to book, but it's well worth it! 

What do the teachers and children who've visited think?

Feedback from teachers...

“They loved it!”

“The morning was so fantastic and well organised. The children and adults all thoroughly enjoyed the engaging, clear and informative presentation.  I really appreciated and was impressed by the effort that was made to include so many elements of the curriculum within the talk. It really was a perfect addition to our topic of the Great Fire of London.”

“We very much hope we will have the opportunity to bring future classes to the museum and repeat what was such a successful trip. Thank you once again for your brilliant care, support and education of the children.”


What did the children have to say?

"I really enjoyed the storyteller today.”

“I thought I knew much more than what I actually know. You have taught me much more than I was expecting."

“My favourite part was when we tried the helmets.”

“I liked it best when I learned about how to keep safe when there is a fire.”

Hear Samuel Pepys talk about the Fire! Fire! school sessions at the pop-up museum

What happens on the day?

Here's what to expect during a visit

Every session is slightly different – we tailor them to suit your class! – but broadly speaking, here's what to expect during your 1.5hr visit.

Session starts – 10.30am 

Your class arrives, and we'll welcome to The Workshop. There's room for up to 35 students, and the nearest station is Vauxhall. 

Storytelling time 

At the heart of your session is a professional storyteller, who'll bring The Great Fire of London to life for your class. Children learn how the fire started, and how events unfolded... it's exciting stuff! 

Handling history 

Next comes an opportunity to get hands-on, engaging with equipment and uniforms from our collection. It's an unforgettable way to learn how firefighting has changed over 350 years – and how science and technology help us save lives more safely.

Unique to you 

If your class has a particular area of interest, just ask, and we'll try and incorporate it.

Making the most of your visit 

We encourage teachers to come along to the pop-up museum for a pre-visit. This is a great time to familiarise yourself with the space, and talk about any special topics you'd like us to include in your visit. 

Curriculum links

The sessions are designed to connect with the Key Stage 1 curriculum and provide talking points across history and science. Your class will explore questions including:

KS1 History

  • Changes within living memory
  • Events beyond living memory
  • Significant events, people and places in their own locality

KS1 Science

  • Identifying and classifying
  • Observing and thinking to answer questions
  • Exploring and describing different materials – sustainability, physical properties, grouping

Find out more in our Teacher's Pack – you can download it at the bottom of this page. 

Costs and booking your visit 

Visits cost £85 (excluding VAT), and are suitable for up to 35 students. This includes your professional storyteller, and a tailored-to-your-class hands-on history lesson.

Remember though, you're booking a pop-up museum session to explore the history of firefighting in London. If you're interested in fire safety at school, please visit our Schools section.

Close up of young children wearing Firefighters helmets

Visit the London Fire Brigade Pop-Up Museum

We run two sessions every week, and it's quick and easy to book...

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