How is the London Fire Brigade governed?

The London Fire Commissioner is a corporation sole and the fire and rescue authority for London. It is a functional body of the Greater London Authority.  The Mayor of London sets its budget, approves the London Safety Plan, and can direct it to act. There is a Deputy Mayor for Fire and Resilience.

Andy Roe is the office-holder of the London Fire Commissioner.

This Governance arrangement replaces London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority.

What does London Fire Commissioner do?

The London Fire Commissioner is responsible for providing London’s fire and rescue service, ensuring that it is effective and efficient.

All formal decisions about London Fire Brigade are approved by London Fire Commissioner, though some decisions may need to be consulted on with the Deputy Mayor for Fire and Resilience  or the Mayor of London.

How are decisions made?

The process for decisions is:

  1.  Reports for decision are taken to a Commissioner’s Board
  2. The Commissioner’s Board will discuss and agree final recommendations

  3. The London Fire Commissioner will then take final decisions based on recommendations from the Commissioner’s Board.
  4. Once the formal decision is made by the London Fire Commissioner, the decision and the reports supporting it will be published on our decisions page.

Exceptions to the process:

The Mayor can direct that reports should go to him or the Deputy Mayor for Fire and Resilience. If that is the case, final recommendations will still come back to the London Fire Commissioner for formal decision and publication .

Our Decisions

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How is London Fire Commissioner scrutinised?

The Fire, Resilience and Emergency Planning (FREP) Committee has been set up to scrutinise how the London Fire Commissioner is exercising their functions.

FREP is committee of the London Assembly. Six London Assembly Members, agreed by the London Assembly, make up the committee.

London Fire Brigade staff will prepare performance reports, monitoring data and help develop thematic reviews to facilitate the scrutiny work of FREP.

Contact the London Fire Commissioner

You can have your say about our decisions by contacting the London Fire Commissioner’s office.

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