Train and develop our people.

The Brigade put its people first, so they can continue to put the people of London first.

Why people matter

Our people are our greatest asset

Whether they answer 999 calls, educate the public on fire prevention, ensure smooth operational running, or spend their days out in the community responding to emergencies, we know our people are our greatest asset.

Empowered and supported

We value their work and commitment, and have been working to bring together a number of people-focused initiatives to make sure every person who works with us can become the best that they can be.

Emergency responders at a training exercise

Exercise Unified Response

The biggest multi-agency training exercise in our history

Putting people first

London Fire Brigade supports staff in their learning and development to enable everyone to deliver to their maximum potential at work, now and in the future. 

It's our ambition to empower a well-developed, inclusive workforce that is motivated, competent and confident in work performance and contributes to effective and efficient organisational delivery.

London Fire Brigade wants to help its staff reach their potential by understanding what development they need, and using initiatives that bring out the best in people, such as coaching and mentoring. The Brigade will introduce a new structured approach to career succession and will continue to provide learning support for all staff.

We are working to achieve this through a training and development strategy that is designed to:

  • Support staff new to role or London Fire Brigade.
  • Support staff progression.
  • Support staff transition.

Attracting and retaining the best

As well as providing excellent training and development, we are committed to making London Fire Brigade a great place to work, though initiatives including:

  • The Blue Light ‘Time to Change’ pledge – which recognises the importance of developing an action plan to support the mental health of staff.
  • Staff engagement – we have developed a programme of engagement to elicit the views of personnel, trades unions and support groups on important issues like future roles and opportunities to improve the services the Brigade provides.

The changing role of firefighters

What does it mean to be a firefighter today?

The role of the service and that of the firefighter is changing. London Fire Brigade values its staff and knows that firefighters are respected and trusted in the community. We are keen to explore how firefighters can take an even greater community leadership role, contributing to health initiatives and crime prevention to make London and local communities even better places to live, work and visit.

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