Our Museum team

are busy turning their expertise into resources that you can use at home to teach your children about the history of London and its firefighters.

Great Fire of London

This activity is a fascinating short video based around the Great Fire of London, which is in line with the National Curriculum for KS1 pupils (ages 5-7).

If you want to continue the learning after watching the video you can also download the activity sheets so your child can design their very own firemark, and try some other fun activities.

Bitesize learning - The Great Fire of London

The fire service in the Second World War

This activity is a moving short video based around the fire service during the Second World War. It's aimed at KS2 pupils (ages 7-11). 

You can build on this afterwards by completing our activity sheet, which asks questions about what your child has learnt watching the video.

Bitesize learning: the fire service in the Second World War

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