Fire retardant bedding and portable protective systems.

In some circumstances, people need extra fire safety precautions like fire retardant bedding and portable protective systems (PPS).

Helping to keep vulnerable people safe

Who needs extra protection?

Our figures show that in 2016, two thirds of those who died in accidental fires lived alone and over a third had mental health issues. One in three accidental fatal fires were caused by smoking. So – to help reduce the risks for London’s most vulnerable people – we are able to provide a free pack of fire retardant bedding and in some cases, special personalised sprinkler systems. Limited mobility is also a major factor in fatal fires.

What is fire retardant bedding?

Bedding that doesn’t easily catch fire. Though we recommend that you don’t smoke in bed or anywhere you may fall asleep for committed bed-bound smokers, this bedding can be a lifesaver.

What are portable protection systems (PPS)?

Portable protection systems (PPS) are a risk reduction measure which can be quickly installed to protect a vulnerable person and can be moved or re-used as required.

A self contained watermist (or portable protection system) is essentially a sprinkler system in one room of a building, for one person. These systems are designed for people who spend most of their time confined to a specific area of their home. Watermist systems use a spray of fine water droplets that can suppress a fire by cooling, wetting and displacing oxygen.

However, care needs to be taken to make sure a PPS is the right kind of system for the person’s needs. For example, someone who is mobile can be affected by a fire anywhere in their home, so would usually require an Automatic Fire Suppression System (AFSS) that covers all areas. Find out more on our Sprinklers page.

What’s the thinking?

Our Assistant Commissioner for Fire Safety, Dan Daly explains:

“Fire retardant bedding and personal sprinkler systems can help prevent a smouldering fire getting bigger and protect those people who have vulnerabilities that may inhibit their ability to escape from a fire.”   

Do you know someone who needs this service?

If you – or someone you care about – are worried about fire safety, get expert advice with a free home fire safety visit.


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