Meet the team

London Fire Brigade employs over 5000 people – here you can find out who we are as an organisation, and meet key people.

Who are we?

London Fire Brigade is the busiest fire and rescue service in the country. What's more, we are one of the largest firefighting and rescue organisations in the world protecting people and property from fire within the 1587 square kilometres of Greater London.

The LFB is run by the London Fire Commissioner, a corporation sole and the fire and rescue authority for London.

How do we work?

How is London Fire Brigade organised?

As you might imagine, our organisational structure is complicated. We split it broadly into three areas:

  1. Operational staff – our firefighters
  2. Control – our 999 call handlers
  3. Non-uniformed and non-operational – our essential support team

Operational staff

We are the only UK fire service where all operational staff are full-time. Other brigades use a combination of full and part-time staff and retained firefighters who carry out firefighting duties in addition to their usual employment. To provide a round-the-clock service, we operate a two shift, four-watch system at stations – red, white, blue and green.

Control staff

Control staff take emergency 999 calls, find out details of incidents, send fire engines and deploy our resources to emergencies. They also use a six-watch system but have a different rank structure.

Non-uniformed and non-operational staff

It's not just firefighters who help make London a safer city. We have a range of non-uniformed and non-operational staff who work behind the scenes to support our front-line services, including IT, Finance, Procurement and Community Safety officers.

You can find detailed information about our organisational structure charts in our 'Information we publish' page.

Our senior leadership team

Meet the people leading the Brigade

Senior Leadership Team

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