Working together for London.

How do we collaborate with London Ambulance Service and Metropolitan Police Service?

Blue Light Services collaboration explained

Working together to achieve more... 

London Fire Brigade has been working with our partners the London Ambulance Service and the Metropolitan Police Service for a long time. With the duty to collaborate with other emergency services now established by the Policing and Crime Act, we will collaborate even further to deliver the best possible emergency service for Londoners.

Our ambitions for collaboration

Building on existing collaboration in a number of critical areas, we will go further to provide a world-class service that ensures a lasting legacy for the people of London. We will:

  1. Share a common vision of ‘Making London the safest global city'.
  2. Deliver a world class emergency service to the people of London.
  3. Ensure collaboration is at the heart of everything we do.

We are also exploring the opportunities to improve our effectiveness and efficiency too. This means looking into ideas such as:

  • Reviewing current arrangements with a vision for a shared ‘One London’ call handling, despatch and command and control function.
  • Responding to incidents and challenges together - find out more on the support the resilience of London page.  
  • Reducing demand by expanding prevention activities across all fire, ambulance and police, building on  our successful prevention work together.
  • Maximising opportunities to drive better value from existing arrangements and to explore commercial options, if appropriate.

Sharing, innovating and collaborating for London

Dany Cotton QFSM, Commissioner, explains how we plan to embrace collaboration with other agencies and services going forward: 

"A key aim in this plan is to make fire stations an even greater part of our communities, including opening up the big red doors and letting people use community meeting rooms and other facilities. As part of that ongoing drive to take a place alongside the communities London Fire Brigade serves, I want to build on the work the Brigade has been doing to collaborate with other emergency service responders, and further improve relations with health partners and local authorities."


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