White goods and fire safety.

Tumble dryers, washing machines, fridges and freezers can all cause electrical fires. Here's what you need to know to stay safe. 

What do you need to know about large appliances and fire safety?

'white goods' are large appliances like tumble dryers, washing machines, fridges and freezers. 

Sadly we attend many fires – some of them fatal – caused by faulty electrical appliances. So here's what you need to know to know to stay safe while you use these vital time savers. 

  • If you are concerned about the safety of a product stop using it and make your concern known to the retailer, manufacturer or your local Trading Standards office.
  • Clean your tumble dryer filter after every load.
  • Don't overload sockets with lots of energy-hungry appliances – follow the one plug per socket rule.
  • A list of recalled products is available on the gov.uk Product Recall page.
  • Take extra care with second-hand appliances, ensure they have been safety checked and are not listed on the product recall register.
  • Always make sure new appliances are registered so that manufacturers can contact you in the event of any problems – it takes minutes to registermyappliance.org.uk

Total Recalls – our campaign for safer white goods

With nearly one fire a day in London involving white goods, the Brigade has launched the Total Recalls campaign to make it easier for people to protect themselves from potentially lethal faulty appliances. 

Learn more about the Total Recalls campaign

We want to make white goods safer for everyone, which is why we are calling on manufacturers to act now.

More on Total Recalls

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