Campaigning for a safer London

As well as preventing fires through education, we believe it's important to speak up on public safety issues.

Speaking out

We see campaigning as another form of firefighting

We aren't afraid to speak out on your behalf, and work with local authorities and other agencies on a number of projects.

These typically focus on 5 themes:

  1. Improving safety and reduce risk
  2. Targeting high risk and vulnerable people
  3. Lobbying for fire safety measures (especially sprinklers) in buildings
  4. Working with developers and the building industry to optimise safety in new buildings
  5. Improving access to fire safety information.

Current and past campaigns 

Key London Fire Brigade campaigns have include:

  •  ‘Total Recalls’: campaigning to make white goods safer and improve the national product recall system.
  • ‘Know the Plan’: increasing awareness of what to do if there is a fire where people live, especially if it is in a high-rise building.
  • Supporting new regulations requiring landlords to install working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in their properties and distributing free smoke alarms to those most at risk.
  • Reducing non-emergency calls to people shut in lifts.
  • Reducing calls to incidents that other agencies (like the RSPCA) should be called to attend, such as non- emergency animal rescues.
  • Reducing kitchen fires caused by people drinking alcohol and cooking at the same time.
  • Reducing the number and impact of fires in waste and recycling facilities.
  • Supporting national communications, such as the government’s ‘Fire Kills’ campaign.

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