8 Albert Embankment development

what has happened and what will happen next.


What is happening with 8 Albert Embankment now?

8 Albert Embankment is the home of Lambeth Fire Station and the previous headquarters of the London Fire Brigade (LFB). It is a listed building which first opened in 1937.

It is a hugely complex site and there have been a number of attempts to develop it over the last decade which have been unsuccessful.

Following the Secretary of State’s decision in 2021 to refuse planning permission for 8 Albert Embankment, London Fire Brigade has been taking time to learn from this decision and consider the available options.

We remain in positive discussions with the developer U+I and hope to begin working on new plans soon. Our aim is to secure the future of a much-needed fit for purpose Lambeth Fire Station and London Fire Brigade Museum. 

Timings for 8 Albert Embankment development

We have published a decision document (LFC-0726) which sets out the steps we have been taking on the site's development.

The timings of how this project is taken forward are dependent on ongoing commercial negotiations and are subject to change – and have changed since LFC-0726 was written. As of April 2023, we don’t expect a planning application on 8 Albert Embankment to be made before December 2023. 

We will engage with local stakeholders and community members before any planning application is submitted.