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Sustainable ambitions.

Understand how sustainability influences our strategy, our thinking and our actions. 

Why does sustainability matter?

The business case for sustainability

Looking to tomorrow is the right thing to do. However, there's more to it than that. There are many drivers for sustainable development for London Fire Brigade: legislation, Government and Mayoral policies and strategies, financial benefits and risk management, alongside the clear moral imperative. 

So what are our big ambitions, sustainably speaking?

  1. To help everyone breath cleaner, safer air by running a zero emission fleet by 2050.

  2. We aim to reduce our CO2 emissions by 60 per cent by 2025 (against 1990 levels), and aspire to go even further achieving zero carbon by 2050

  3. We want to give young Londoners a brighter future through employment and apprenticeship opportunities and programmes like Fire Cadets.

  4. We are passionate about the inclusion of staff and all Londoners – this is the foundation of our inclusion strategy.

  5. Reducing our consumption of resources and waste generated by moving towards a more circular approach for the things we buy.

  6. We want our staff and those working in our supply chains to benefit from fair working conditions including the London Living Wage.

  7. To make the public money we spend go further by buying responsibly and increasing the social value delivered to the community through our contracts.

  8. To better protect the natural environment in the way we fight fires and other incidents.

  9. To help our staff to be healthier and happier by reducing accidents and helping them to build resilience to deal with the stresses of their lifesaving jobs.

  10. To reduce the environmental, social and economic impacts of fires by continually reducing the number of fires – every fire we attend has a very real cost to people, places and planet, so prevention wherever possible is our aim.

Sustainable development explained

What is sustainable development?

The most widely used definition of sustainable development remains that of the United Nations – ‘development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’. More broadly balancing the three pillars of sustainability: the environment, society and the economy. 

These are the areas we have focused on, and you can see how we've performed on the success stories page – or by downloading our annual report below. 

Want the full story?

Where to find detailed information about London Fire Brigade's sustainable development ambitions

Though these pages have been created to provide an overview of our actions and ambitions in sustainable development, there's much more to share. 

Download our reports

The downloadable 'Sustainable Development Strategy 2016 - 2020 provides a detailed overview of what we hope to achieve in the near future. Meanwhile, if you'd like to get to grips with the facts and figures of how much we've achieved so far, you'll find our Sustainable Development Annual Report an interesting read. Our Environmental Policy explains our clean, green priorities.

Other documents available in our Publications Scheme hub include our Single Environment Plan, which groups together actions across all environmental themes, previously set out in individual plans covering biodiversity, waste and travel. It also identifies the actions we will take to support delivery of the Mayor’s London Environment Strategy. You can also download them at the bottom of this page.

Explore stats, facts and figures

More into interesting stats and fascinating facts? Pop over to our Did you know page here. You'll find out all manner of intriguing things. For example, much of the fire hose we retired in 2017 was upcycled into handbags, wallets and luggage!

Relevant reads...

London Fire Brigade Sustainable Development Strategy

Download PDF (520kb)

Annual report 2018/19 – our achievements so far

Download PDF (863kb)

Annual report 2017/18 – our achievements so far

Download PDF (930kb)

Annual report 2016/17 – our achievements so far

Download PDF (1,090kb)

Environmental policy

Download PDF (182kb)

Sustainable development policy

Download PDF (263kb)

Single Environment Plan

Download PDF (251kb)

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