Total Recalls – what are we calling for?

In 2016, we visited at least one fire in London caused by faulty white goods every single day. Most weren't preventable by consumers.   

What we're calling for

We want to make white goods safer for everyone, so we are calling on manufacturers to make a number of changes to the way they currently operate.

A single, publicly accessible register of product recalls

When faults are found, the product recall system should ensure unsafe products are removed from people's homes. However, it's extremely difficult for consumers to check if the appliances they have in their home are subject to any product safety recalls.

Include recalls on international products on the UK register

If a product is recalled due to a fault in another country, and you own exactly same model in the UK, the manufacturers don't have to send out a recall notice in the UK

Publicising recalls better 

We want clear guidelines on how much publicity product recalls require, as well as the level of detail they must provide and the words they use.


Publish risk assessments 

We want the risk assessments, undertaken when a fault is found with a product, to be published publicly.


Greater regulation over the sale of secondhand appliances

People buying secondhand goods may not be aware of recalls on the products they're buying.


Change the ways fridges and freezers are constructed

We want the way fridges and freezers are produced to change so that they are safer even if there is a fire.


Mark all appliances with model and serial number so they can be identified after a fire 

Mark all appliances with model and serial number so they can be identified after a fire.


Include sleeping risk as a factor in risk assessments

We want this to be factored in to the risk assessments performed by manufacturers.


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