If you have additional learning needs...

that's not a barrier to joining the Brigade.

If you have additional learning needs, for example dyslexia, dyspraxia or dyscalculia, we can make reasonable adjustments to our assessment and selection process. These adjustments might include additional time, and the option to use any specialist software you need.

Providing evidence

In order to make these adjustments we’ll need you to provide evidence in the form of a report from an individual or organisation who is formally qualified to give a diagnostic assessment. That may include:

  • Educational establishments - for example your school, college, or university
  • Psychologists
  • Doctors
  • Psychiatrists

We’ll ask for this evidence before you take the online tests, but please declare your needs when you apply. 

We're here to talk

We’ll be happy to discuss what options are available if you’re finding it hard to get hold of a report, or if your report is from outside the UK where the criteria may be different. Just let us know when you apply.

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