Fitness tests

Firefighters come in all ages, shapes and sizes. While you do have to be physically fit, good technique can really help.

How you'll be tested

Through training, you’ll learn how to tackle physical tasks correctly and, above all safely. You'll need to pass the six work related physical job tests below.

1 Ladder climb

You'll be tested on your confidence and ability to follow instructions.

You will be required to climb a 13.5m (45 foot) ladder to a specific point, two thirds of the full working height, take a leg lock, remove your hands from the ladder, look down to the assessor below where you will be asked to identify a symbol.

2 Ladder lift

This is a test of your upper and lower body strength and coordination.

You will need to raise the bar of a ladder lift simulator weighing 30kg (4 stone) to a height of 190cm (6 foot 3 inches).

3 Casualty Drag

You will be tested on your upper and lower body strength and coordination.

You will need to drag a 55kg (8 stone) dummy backwards around a 30m (100 foot) course around four cones within a set time.

4 Enclosed Space

You will be tested on your confidence and agility, and to identify any claustrophobic tendencies.

Wearing a breathing apparatus face mask, you will negotiate a crawl and walkway with clear vision. Halfway through the route your vision will be obscured and you will retrace your steps to the start/finish point.

5 Equipment Assembly

This is a physical test of manual dexterity.

You must assemble and then disassemble a portable pump, while wearing fire gear.

Firefighter demonstrating use of equipment

6 Equipment Carry

This tests your aerobic fitness, stamina, upper and lower body strength and coordination.

You’ll need to carry the equipment over a 25 metre course around two cones within 5mins 47 secs. However, we recommend you train towards completing it in around 5mins, which reflects the level of fitness needed in training school.

This is not a test of memory as the safety officer will remind you of the sequence of events.

The equipment will be made up of one 30 metre (100 foot) hose reel tubing on a drum, three coiled 70mm soft suction hoses, one 100mm hard suction hose and suction strainer in a basket and one 33kg (5 stone) barbell.