Firefighter training

- what it's really like.

There’s no better way to understand what training’s like than to hear from those who have only recently completed it, so here’s what our Firefighter Apprentices have to say…


"Training school was a huge learning curve that has taught me about the importance of hard work. My cohort became my closest friends as we went through so much together and we experienced lots of different emotions. Week by week I developed into a more confident person as I learnt new skills. It was more physically and mentally challenging than I expected, but overall my time in training school has developed me into the confident and able trainee firefighter I have become today.” 

Firefighter training tips from Tiarna


“The learning curve is steep and there's a lot of new information to take in. It’s a team game though, by the end of the first week my cohort became a crew, and not only did we get each other through, we had an absolute blast doing it.”

“When you join station it becomes clear that the training course is just the start of the journey, the training course simply teaches you to be safe. It’s down to me to be motivated to keep up with the course, utilise the support and continually learn from my colleagues at station to become the best firefighter I can be.”

Firefighter training tips from Jolyon


“Although training school was tough, I thoroughly enjoyed it, made some great mates and learnt a lot. I still have a lot to learn but my watch (the crew you work with) are really supportive at station and on the fire ground!”

Firefighter training tips from Gemma


“At training school you learn from the ground up - you learn how to augment supply, you learn how to work the pump on the truck, you learn how to pitch ladders, you learn how to work your BA set, you learn about Road Traffic Collisions and Hazmat. And it’s just one of those things where it all comes together, so that when you do go to the incident ground it’s not chaotic, there is a strategy in place.”

Firefighter training tips from Ken

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