Our values

at London Fire Brigade

Our values are a set of guiding principles that help us to create a safe and professional workplace culture. In turn, they also help us achieve our vision - to be trusted to serve and protect London.

How did we pick these values?

Our people across the Brigade have helped to define these values by sharing their experiences of London Fire Brigade at its best. We’ve added input from the communities we serve and made sure they align with the NFCC Code of Ethics.

Living our values

Our values are a key part of the way we work, and a foundation for delivering the goals of our Community Risk Management Plan: Your London Fire Brigade.

Our values are not new ideas; they have always been part of the Brigade and our people can live these values every day.

The six values

  • Service
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Equity
  • Courage
  • Learning

Below are examples of some of the behaviours that demonstrate our values.


We put the public first.

How we demonstrate this value as an individual:

  • I put the interests of the public first
  • I keep myself safe, so that I can protect others
  • I take pride in LFB
  • I look for ways to understand the communities we serve
  • I am professional at all times


We act with honesty.

How we demonstrate this value as an individual:

  • I am accountable for my actions and my mistakes
  • I look for the facts before taking action
  • I escalate risks and plan mitigating actions
  • I build trust


We work together and include everyone.

How we demonstrate this value as an individual:

  • I participate in team activity
  • I make sure the work we do is aligned to the Brigade's strategy
  • I am clear on our shared purpose and goals
  • I set high standards for myself and others
  • I build strong relationships working with others


We treat everyone fairly according to their needs.

How we demonstrate this value as an individual:

  • I seek to understand and learn from people with different perspectives
  • I celebrate the achievement of others
  • I give others the space to be themselves
  • I am compassionate and kind to others and support their individual needs
  • I do the right thing when nobody’s looking


We step up to the challenge.

How we demonstrate this value as an individual:

  • I challenge poor language, behaviours and performance
  • I speak up even if it is uncomfortable
  • I ask for help
  • I respond confidently at incidents by applying my training and skills
  • I anticipate and prepare for change positively


We listen so that we can improve.

How we demonstrate this value as an individual:

  • I look for opportunities to learn and grow professionally
  • I share my knowledge, skills and experience with others
  • I stay up to date with mandatory learning and development
  • I ask for and offer constructive feedback

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