Historic Case Review:

learning lessons from the past experiences of our staff

Our External Complaints Service is carrying out a historic case review. The review is examining all bullying, harassment and discrimination cases at London Fire Brigade, completed in the five years before the Independent Culture review was published.

57 historic cases have been reviewed. Eight of these cases are being re-investigated, and eight are pending decision. 

Why this is taking place 

This historic case review is being carried out with the main aim of learning lessons from the past experiences of our staff.

The review is checking that every case of bullying, harassment and discrimination dealt with in the past five years has been treated consistently and fairly, and where it hasn’t – rectifies that. We need to give our staff confidence in how we deal with complaints, and this historic case review was one of our first steps towards doing that.

How the review works 

This is a desktop exercise where the paperwork related to each case is examined by an External Practitioner working for the External Complaints Service.

If they identify any further action that should be taken, which could include a re-investigation or re-hearing, depending on the individual case, the complainant is informed and consulted on the next steps.