Secondary school visits.

We talk to young people about fire safety, hoax calls and arson. 


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we’re currently unable to visit schools. However, our Education Team is working closely with the Fire Cadets team to develop activities and challenges for young people to do whilst staying at home. We’ll share these here soon.

Why we visit secondary schools

Our Education Officers use their training, experience and expertise to deliver fire safety messages in an appropriate way so older children understand the importance of home fire safety. We can also help you talk about issues including:

  • Arson and the consequences of setting fires to the community. 
  • Hoax calling, and what could happen if you make a hoax call – the events you set in place, and what the consequences might be for others and yourself.
  • Setting off fire alarms and how dangerous this can be.

Tailored to Year 8 – Key Stage 3

We have found that this is the best time to talk to young people about fire safety. Our secondary school sessions explain that fire kills, destroys homes and spreads quickly. We also educate on preventing, detecting and escaping safely from fire in the home, and can cover other topics including hoax calling and arson.


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What to expect 

  • Age-appropriate advice to help young people understand the dangers of fire.
  • A session that can be adapted to any additional special needs - we want every pupil to be able to fully participate in learning.
  • The sessions can be adapted to what works best for your school – either assembly or classroom-based delivery of presentations.
  • Experienced Education Officers to provide delivery of the sessions, allowing for a productive workshop, leading to good fire safety knowledge.

What not to expect

  • Fire demonstrations at school.
  • Session duration to adjusted or reduced if your school timetable is tight – it’s really important that young people experience the full session to build an understanding of fire safety, and to avoid messages being misinterpreted or missed.
  • Fire engines to come to your school.

Good to know

The workshops are carefully managed to reduce young people’s natural curiosity about fire and reduce the risk of it developing into an interest in deliberately lighting fires. Although our aim is to help children become more ‘fire safe’ by teaching them about the dangers of fire and smoke, responsibility for making their home safer is very much placed parents and guardians.


Useful downloads

KS3 lesson plan

Download PDF (91kb)

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