Last updated: 09/07/2018, 6:19 PM

Sunlight refracting off mirror causes house fire - Clapham

03/07/2018 19:54
House or flat fire

Firefighters have urged Londoners to keep mirrors, crystals and glass ornaments away from direct sunlight after a mirror was found to be cause of a house fire in Abbeville road in Clapham. 

Fire investigators believe that the sun’s rays refracted off a mirror and onto curtains that smouldered and then caught fire. Half of the first floor of the house was damaged by the fire. 

A London Fire Brigade spokesperson said: “The sun is especially strong at the moment but fires caused by refracted sunlight can happen all year round and are actually quite common. 

"Our advice is to make sure that you keep mirrors, crystals, glass ornaments and other reflective items out of direct sunlight at all times.” 

The Brigade’s top three sunlight safety tips are: 

  • Keep mirrors and crystal or glass objects away from sunny sills and flammable materials
  • Fit at least one smoke alarm per floor and test them every week to make sure they work and the batteries are not flat
  • If you have a fire, close the door on the blaze, get out stay out and call the Brigade

 Four fire engines and 21 firefighters and officer from Brixton, Battersea and Tooting fire stations attended the scene.

The Brigade was called at 1954 and the fire was under control at 2030.

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