Last updated: 09/07/2018, 6:20 PM

Firefighters rescue dog trapped in frozen lake in Barnet

28/02/2018 09:57

Firefighters were called to rescue a dog that had become trapped in a frozen pond in Greenhill Gardens in Barnet this morning.

The owner of the long-haired Pekinese called the Brigade after the animal had fallen through thin ice.

Two firefighters wearing dry suits featuring heavy insulating materials to keep the wearer dry in cold water conditions entered the water to rescue the dog. Crews then warmed her up in a blanket before handing her back to her owner, who was taking her to a vet as a precaution.

The Brigade is urging people to take extra and stay well away from frozen ponds and lakes as the Beast from the East continues to batter the UK.

Assistant Commissioner Richard Mills: "Please, for your own safety, stay off of any frozen pond, lake or canal as there is a high risk it wont take your weight and when it's cold, hypothermia sets in rapidly and can prove fatal.

"If your dog or any other animal ends up on the ice, stay put and call 999 so firefighters can rescue it, rather than taking risks yourself."

The Brigade was called at 0957 and the incident was over for firefighters at 1055. One fire engine from Barnet and a fire rescue unit from Edmonton fire stations attended the scene.