Last updated: 01/11/2019, 3:51 PM

Brigade calls on Londoners to attend organised fireworks display

01/11/2019 15:30
Safety warnings

Firefighters are braced for a busy few days as Londoners celebrate Bonfire Night over the coming days.

We're calling on you to attend an organised display - it is the best way to celebrate safely.

900 incidents over the Halloween and Bonfire

Last year, we attended more than 900 incidents over the Halloween and Bonfire night period - 25th October to 8th November 2018. There were 43 fires started by stray fireworks, including one which caused a fire that damaged the roof of a Hornsey pub.

Bonfire night is traditionally one of the busiest nights for incidents no matter the day that it falls on. Last year London’s firefighters attended 117 separate incidents on November 5th.

Organised firework display

It’s always much safer to attend an organised firework display and the Brigade has designed a map, listing free and ticketed events taking place across London to help the public find an event near them.

The Brigade’s Assistant Commissioner Dan Daly said: “This time of year can be very busy for firefighters and Control Officers and it’s not just on the key days either, we often see an increase in calls and incidents throughout the whole period from the 25th October right through to Bonfire Night.

Check out our map of organised firework displays

Firework display map

"Bonfires in your back garden can be especially dangerous.”

“Fireworks can be spectacular, but they are explosives and can cause serious injury if handled irresponsibly. A hospital visit or damage to your home will make you remember November 5, but for all the wrong reasons.

“We would urge Londoners to reduce the risk of injury and fire by attending an organised firework display, but if you do choose to have your own display, never drink alcohol and set off fireworks, keep them in a closed metal box and only ever buy ones with the British standard kite mark.

“If you do have your own DIY display, do not build a bonfire as all too often, they burn out of control. Bonfires in your back garden can be especially dangerous.”


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