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Last updated: 06/08/2019, 11:49 AM

Brigade's fittest race ahead in the British Firefighter Challenge

29/07/2019 12:56
Our people

Some of London Fire Brigade’s fittest firefighters headed to Hertfordshire this weekend to compete in the British Firefighter Challenge.

Alongside firefighters from across the UK and beyond, they competed in individual races which saw them hauling hoses, dragging casualty dummies, hammering a lump of metal and climbing flat out up a scaffolding tower – all in the fastest time possible.

The relay event

Sunday afternoon saw the competitors team up for the big relay race, where London Fire Brigade put forward our first ever all female team (Dragons and Roses), a male team (Diamond Geezers), and a ‘super group’ team of two LFB firefighters partnering up with another fire and rescue service.

Firefighter Laura Noble said of the experience:

"Many of our entrants were new to the event and posted some great times. There's a great sense of camaraderie at these events and the set up is very professional." 

Firefighter Izzy Ryan, one of the youngest competitors, is already planning for the 2020 competition in Hull;

“Training has already started for next year, we're hoping for a podium finish. Myself and the LFB Dragons and Roses are currently looking into competing abroad in similar Firefighter competitions." 

The results

  • Female relay event: Third place for LFB’s Dragons and Roses
  • Over 35 women’s category (British): Third place for Rebecca Rowe
  • Under 35 women’s category (British): Third place for Izzy Ryan
  • 40-44 men’s category: Second place for Lee Phillips and fourth place for Oliver Mayo
  • Over 55 men’s category: Third place for Anson Giraud
  • Fastest fire service: Bronze for LFB thanks to the efforts of Lee Phillips, Oliver Mayo and Bob Linley

The full race results are available on the British Firefighter Challenge website, including individual times for all of the LFB competitors: Thomas Ashdown, Thomas Binder, Max Bruffell, Rebecca Cooper, Matthew Farlow, Anson Giraud, Tosh Green, Barney Hedgecock, Christopher Holden, Reece Horton, Bob Lindley, Stuart Lucas, Oliver Mayo, Ben Mudford, Jordan Muir, Laura Noble, Lee Phillips, Joe Pressney, David Michael Reeve, Rebecca Rowe, Izzy Ryan, Ben Seneviratne, Naomi Thomas, Emmanuel Williams