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Last updated: 30/07/2018, 12:40 PM

Teach children how to dial 999 this summer urges London Fire Brigade

25/07/2018 08:46
Safety warnings

There was a delay calling 999 in 2 out of 5 house and flat fires in the capital according to the latest Fire Facts report by London Fire Brigade.

To ensure people discover a fire as quickly as possible and dial 999, the Brigade is urging people to come along to free fire station open days across London this summer where adults can learn about the best places to put smoke alarms and children can learn what to do in a fire.

"The earlier we receive your call the quicker we can respond to your emergency"

London Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton said:

“Fire Facts shows that there are hundreds of fire every year where there is a delay of at least 10 minutes before we are alerted, either because the fire was smouldering undetected or people are trying to tackle it themselves.

“The earlier we receive your call the quicker we can respond to your emergency and that means having the right amount of smoke alarms in your home and ensuring everyone in the family knows what to do if they see a fire. Our open days are a free and fun way to learn about fire safety and meet your local firefighters who can give you advice on where to place your smoke alarms and talk to children about how to act in a fire.”

"Fit smoke alarms in all rooms where a fire might start" 

The Brigade’s pop-up museum is also hosting family events over the summer holidays. Children can come and design their own fire engine greeting card, learn about the latest fire safety advice from our inspirational education team, and have their photograph taken with Victorian firefighters. It is ideal for children aged 3 and over and can be booked through Eventbrite.

Teachers can also book a visit from our Education Team who visit over 1000 primary and secondary schools and educated approximately 100,000 pupils every year. Children aged 5-7 learn that fire is dangerous, and can hurt people. They'll learn about common fire hazards, and to never play with matches and lighters. They also talk about smoke alarms and how they keep homes safe from fire, what to do in an emergency if there is a fire, and how to call 999. The team also visit Year 5 and Year 8 children and use their training, experience and expertise to deliver fire safety messages in an appropriate way so older children understand the importance of home fire safety.

To ensure people discover a fire as quickly as possible and dial 999, the Brigade is calling on everyone to fit smoke alarms in all rooms where a fire might start except the bathroom and kitchen where a heat alarm is more suitable. Get into the habit of testing smoke alarms regularly as they give vital early warning if there is a fire and if people can’t call the Brigade it may alert a neighbour or passer-by to dial 999.

The fire facts series releases data about the London Fire Brigade and is published on the London Datastore and updated on a monthly basis. This report also found that:

The report also found that;

• In 40 per cent of all fires in home over the last five years, a 999 call for help had not been made until 10 minutes or more after the fire had started
• Control officers are identifying location of incident from the 999 caller nearly 10 seconds quicker than two years ago.
• Firefighters are getting out of their stations quicker on 999 calls quicker than ever before.1 minute 15 seconds in 2017 compared with 1 minute 38 seconds in 2010.

Open days are still being arranged so make sure you search for your nearest fire station on the London Fire Brigade website. Open days (arranged as of 24 July) are;

• Mitcham - 28 July
• Lewisham -18 August
• Shadwell – 25 August
• Willesden 26 August
• New Malden – 15 September
• Richmond – 22 September.
• Islington – 29 September
• West Hampstead 6 October
• Woodford – 7 October