Last updated: 25/02/2020, 1:12 PM

Car repair workshop fire - Hackbridge

25/02/2020 02:05
Fire at commercial property

Twelve fire engines and around 80 firefighters tackled a fire at a car repair workshop on London Road in Hackbridge.

Part of the single storey workshop and three vehicles were damaged by the blaze. Sixty gas cylinders were removed and cooled down as some cylinders can explode when exposed to heat.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus led two men from a nearby caravan to safety using fire escape hoods.

Fire escape hoods provide members of the public with up to 15 minutes protection from four of the main fire gases (carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen chloride and acrolein) and can be worn by conscious or unconscious people. If more than 15 minutes protection is required then another hood can be given to each wearer. They do not provide oxygen but temporarily filter toxic smoke to make breathing easier. 

The fire is next to Hackbridge Railway station and train operations have been restored between Carshalton and Mitcham South.

The Brigade was called at 0205 and the fire was under control by 0442. Fire crews from Wallington and surrounding fire stations were at the scene. The cause of the fire is under investigation.