Last updated: 01/08/2019, 3:20 PM

Firefighters help retrieve wedding ring from drain - Clapham

02/07/2019 20:35

Firefighters saved a video journalist from a night in the dog house after he lost his wedding ring down a drain.

Clapham Fire Station’s Green Watch came to the aid of Eammon Atkinson, who is the European correspondent for Australia’s 10 News First, after he lost his jewellery during dinner. 

The crew were on the way back from another incident when they stopped to help. 

Eammon said: “I was out for dinner and it rolled off the table and I saw it fall down the drain. I went to the hardware store and got a crowbar to try and lift it and I tried hooking it but nothing was working. 

“The crew kindly stopped to help on their way back from a job. They got the drain open and gave me some chemical gloves to go through the sludge as it was disgusting. Then I found it and everyone cheered. 

“There was no way I was leaving that drain until I had it back. My husband is always telling me to stop taking my wedding ring off and playing with it as I’ll lose it. I’m always doing it out of habit.

“I’d like to say thank you to the firefighters. They were so amazingly helpful and I know it’s not their responsibility to help me but they came and gave a hand anyway.”

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