Last updated: 01/08/2019, 3:42 PM

Firefighters free girl from bedpost - Tooting

13/02/2019 01:21

Firefighters were called to a hospital in Tooting to help doctors rescue a little girl who had got her finger stuck in a bedpost.

The girl’s parents had taken her to casualty with part of the bed still attached to their child.

Firefighters from Wimbledon and Tooting scrubbed up and used specialist cutting equipment to help doctors free the child’s finger in theatre.

Watch Manager Jim Leach, who helped free the girl said “We are more used to cutting roofs off cars than bed posts and obviously we had to cut with great care. I was relieved when we managed to free the little girl but not as much as her parents.,

“Incidents like these show that firefighting is much more than just rushing into burning buildings, modern firefighters have a range of specialist rescue skills. Our fire and rescue units carry a range of specialist equipment from inflatable rafts for water rescues and tools to shore up buildings that have collapsed. Rescuing a child from a bed post is a first for me.”

The Brigade was called at 0121 and the incident was over for firefighters at 0241.