Last updated: 09/07/2018, 6:19 PM

Firefighters assist RSPCA with cat impaled on railings in Cricklewood

15/03/2018 04:33
Animal rescue

Firefighters assisted the RSPCA after a cat was found impaled on railings in Flowers Close in Cricklewood last week. 

A passerby found the male ginger and white cat on the 8ft tall railings in the early hours of Friday, March 9 and immediately called the RSPCA for help(opens in a new window).

When the RSPCA inspector arrived, she realised that she required the assistance of firefighters and their heavy duty cutting equipment.

A crew from Willesden fire station attended and quickly removed the part of the fence where the cat was stuck.

Watch manager Lee Harris said: “When we arrived, we couldn’t believe what we were seeing. The cat was crying out in distress and trying to move so we immediately got to work.

“Firefighters held the fence as tightly as possible to stop it from moving as we used cutting equipment to cut through the fence. Because of how hot metal can get during the cutting process, we had to cut a large piece out of the fence to ensure the cat did not get injured further. 

“Thankfully we helped get him to the vets quickly where he was able to have emergency surgery.

“The member of the public did exactly the right thing calling the RSPCA in the first instance and we would always urge people to do the same if they see an animal stuck or in distress. If the RSPCA require our assistance, they will call us and we are happy to assist with our specialist equipment.”

The Brigade was called at 0433 (March 9) and the incident was over for firefighters at 0500.

Anyone with information about the incident should contact the RSPCA’s Inspector appeal line on 0300 123 8018.