Last updated: 09/07/2018, 6:19 PM

Edmonton – scrapyard fire

27/05/2017 11:12
Fire at commercial property

Twelve fire engines and 81 firefighters and officers tackled a scrapyard fire on Eley Road in Edmonton.

Most of the scrapyard was damaged by the fire. There was a number of cylinders involved in the blaze. As a result a hazard zone was set up because some cylinders can explode when exposed to heat.

The fire is believed to be accidental with the cause attributed to a lit brazier being used for controlled burning being left unattended within the adjacent property.

The Brigade was called at 1112 and the fire was under control by 1348. Fire crews from Edmonton, Tottenham, Chingford, Enfield, Stoke Newington and Holloway fire stations were at the scene.