Last updated: 09/07/2018, 6:18 PM

Twickenham - dog rescued

26/07/2017 18:06
Richmond upon Thames

Firefighters rescued a stricken pooch which goes by the curious name of Boris Johnson after he got stuck in the garden yesterday (July 25) afternoon.

The dog, a shihpoo, got wedged between a fence and a shed in Trafalgar Road, Twickenham.

Watch Manager Guy Pedliham, who was at the scene, said: “Boris was unable to make a U-turn and was a bit distressed - he had been but stuck for about an hour and was howling and whimpering.

"But he wasn't injured and was very friendly with the crew once rescued, wagging his tail.

“Never mind Brexit, it looks like this dog was trying to make a shedxit.”

The Brigade was called at 1806 and the incident was over at 1821. A fire crew from Twickenham fire station attended.

While the Brigade does respond to some emergency animal rescues, we always advise people to phone the RSPCA first if an animal is injured or in distress.

The RSPCA’s 24 hour helpline number is 0300 1234 999 or you can visit in a new window)

If the RSPCA needs the help of our firefighters once they have assessed the incident, they will call us.