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Storm Doris causes tree to fall on house in Chiswick

23/02/2017 08:00

High winds caused by storm Doris has led to the Brigade receiving numerous weather related incidents throughout the day.

Between 0800 and 1900, firefighters attended around 200 incidents related to the windy weather, including scaffolding in a precarious position, fallen trees and a trampoline that blew from a garden onto a roundabout in Eltham. Brigade Control officers have taken around 700 calls.

The most serious incident was on Hartley Down in Purley as a woman was treated by London Ambulance Service crews after a tree collapsed onto a car.

A London Fire Brigade spokesperson said:

“Firefighters are always on hand should any buildings, hoardings  or scaffolding be left in a precarious position and posing a risk to life because of high winds.

“To help stay safe during windy weather people should always clear gardens, balconies and window sills of anything that could be blown away. They should also take extra care if they venture outside and be careful using candles in the case of a power cut.

"We've also received a number of calls from people who have got locked out after the wind has blown their front door shut with their cooking on or children inside. If you're sticking your head outside make sure you take your keys with you."

Other incidents include:

Woman injured when a garden wall collapsed on Horns Road in Barkingside

A tree collapsed onto two houses on Duke Road in Chiswick

A tree collapsed onto two houses on Porthkerry Avenue in Welling

Hoarding fell onto three cars on Thessaly Road in Battersea.

Roof ripped off a house on Beverley Gardens in Stanmore

Firefighters secured the Swedish flag that was in a precarious position at the Swedish Embassy.