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Deodorant can heated by candle causes Shoreditch flat explosion

15/02/2017 21:11
House or flat fire

Firefighters are warning about the dangers of leaving a deodorant can next to a candle as one exploded in a Shoreditch flat caused damage to an internal wall.

The small compressed can was left too close to an unattended candle in the bedroom of a first floor Commercial Street flat last night.

Shoreditch Watch Manager Shaun Coltress said: "The deodorant can might look small but left next to a naked flame it can be deadly.

"The blast from the compressed can, that holds gas four times its size, badly damaged the internal wall. Thankfully no one was injured and there was no overall structural damage to the building.

"Never leave your candles unattended and always keep them far away from any aerosol cans."

Three adults left the property before the Brigade arrived.

The Brigade was called at 2111 and the incident was over at 2128. Fire crews from Whitechapel, Shoreditch, Shadwell and Dowgate were at the scene.

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