Last updated: 09/07/2018, 6:19 PM

Acton - fire in a flat

20/02/2017 15:28
House or flat fire

An electronic cigarette left on charge was believed to be the cause of a flat fire on High Street, Acton.

Four fire engines and around 20 firefighters and officers attended the scene. Fire crews found smoke coming from a first floor front window and within the communal staircase at first floor level.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus searched the property and extinguished the fire in the first floor flat. with main jets. No people were in the property and there were no reports of any injuries.

London Fire Brigade spokesperson said:

"People assume e-cigarettes are much safer than ordinary cigarettes, and in most cases they are.

“We would urge people never to leave their e-cigarette on charge while they are away from the house or asleep and to always read the safety advice enclosed in the packaging to reduce the risk of a fire. 

“As with all rechargeable electrical equipment, it’s vitally important that people use the correct type of charger for their e-cigs to prevent fires which can be serious and could even result in death.”

The Brigade was called at 1528 and the fire was under control at 1625. Fire crews from Chiswick, Park Royal, Acton and Ealing fire stations attended the scene.

The cause of fire is under investigation.