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East London dog rescued by firefighters

15/09/2016 10:03
Tower Hamlets
Animal rescue

Firefighters rescued a dog from an East London canal yesterday afternoon.

Passers-by raised the alarm when a stray black Staffordshire bull terrier was spotted on a floating pontoon in canal water at Limehouse Cut.

Bethnal Green Watch Manager Martin Warrilow said:

“When we arrived we found the dog on a pontoon of weeds and he was whimpering and clearly in distress. A fire rescue unit arrived and firefighters on an inflatable boat rescued the Staffordshire bull terrier. He was very placid and friendly and we handed him over to the dog warden. Apparently a dog had been reported as missing so hopefully he is reunited with his owner.”

The Brigade was called at 1003 and the incident was over for us at 1101. Fire crews from Bethnal Green, East Ham, Poplar and Edmonton fire stations.