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Firefighters rescue dog from Richmond fox hole

04/03/2016 10:58
Richmond upon Thames
Animal rescue

Firefighters have rescued a dog from a fox hole on Christchurch Road in Richmond this morning.

Ruby the 10 year old Patterdale Terrier escaped off the owners lead and shot into a neighbour’s back garden. The dog was completely submerged in the hole with no way of getting out. Firefighters used a snake eye camera to locate the pooch and got to work digging Ruby free.

Richmond Watch Manager Chris Andrews said:

“The dog was in distress and wedged deep in hole so we used a snake eye camera to find her. Crews then carefully dug around the hole to release the dog. As soon as the dog was freed a fox bolted out of the whole and run off. Thankfully the dog was uninjured and the owner was overjoyed.”

The Brigade was called at 1058 and the incident was over by 1213. Firefighters from Richmond and Chelsea fire stations attended the scene.