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Edmonton - smoke alarm alerts residents to escape blaze in block of flats

05/06/2016 06:17
House or flat fire

Two fire engines and around 10 firefighters and officers dealt with a fire in a block of flats on Plowman Close in Edmonton in the early hours of this morning.

Part of the communal lobby on the ground floor was damaged by the blaze and was heavily smoke logged.

The occupant of one of the flats was alerted by the smoke alarm, and called the Brigade after discovering smoke. She then left her flat with her daughter through the ground floor window. Four more people left their flats through ground floor windows before the arrival of the Brigade.

Fire crews wearing breathing apparatus assisted one further person to safety through the window of his flat. He was suffering from smoke inhalation and was treated on scene by London Ambulance Service crews.

A London Fire Brigade spokesperson said: "Yet again smoke alarms help saving lives. Our advice is to have a working smoke alarm on every level of your home and the safest option is have the alarms linked together. This will give the earliest warning if there is a fire in your home."

The Brigade was called at 0617 and the fire was under control by 0710. Fire crews from Tottenham fire station attended the scene. The cause of the fire is under investigation by London Fire Brigade’s officers and the police.