Last updated: 09/07/2018, 6:21 PM

Maida Vale – house blaze

26/07/2016 21:50
House or flat fire

Six fire engine and 35 firefighters and officers were called to a severe house fire on Stafford Road in Maida Vale last night.

When fire crews arrived they were faced with an intense blaze which had ripped through the first floor and roof and was punching out of the windows. Thankfully a woman and a man evacuated the property before the Brigade arrived.

North Kensington Fire Station Crew Manager Jeff Bridle said:

“The first crews were faced with a severe fire that looked to have been fuelled by all the windows being open. The first floor and roof of the end of terrace house was alight and the fire had spread to an adjacent properties roof.”

“All of the crews did a fantastic job and worked so hard to bring the blaze under control. Initial crews had a hose out and in use in under a minute.”

Two adults and a child also left the neighbouring house before firefighters arrived. No one was injured.

The Brigade believes that the fire was caused by an incense stick that was left unattended and too close to bedding.

London Fire Brigade spokesperson said:

“Clothing, fabric, and hair should be kept well away from burning incense sticks, as they have hot embers that can cause fires. It is important to check that all candles, tea lights, incense or joss sticks are fully extinguished before you leave the room or go to bed.”

The Brigade was called at 2150 and the fire was under control by 2332. Fire crews from North Kensington, West Hampstead, Kensington, Willesden, Fulham and Hammersmith fire stations attended the scene.