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Firefighters rescue fox cub with head stuck in watering can

01/07/2016 08:29
Richmond upon Thames
Animal rescue

Firefighters were called to rescue a fox cub that had its head stuck in a watering can on Milton Road in East Sheen this morning.

The incident has prompted the Brigade to issue a reminder to people to always call the RSPCA first if they are concerned about an animal that is injured or in distress.

The Brigade was called by a resident living in the area. She had been hearing banging noises since the early hours and eventually spotted the animal wandering around the street with its head stuck in a plastic watering can.

Watch Manager Ben Midgley who was on the scene said: “When we arrived the fox was wrapped in a towel and sleeping on the caller’s lap. It was very calm and we carefully cut the plastic to release its head. The fox was uninjured and we released it."

The Brigade was called at 0829 and the incident was over by 0853. One fire crew from Richmond fire station attended the scene.

A London Fire Brigade spokesperson added: “The Brigade was able to attend on this occasion but our advice to people if they come across an animal injured or in distress is to always call the RSPCA in the first instance as they will contact us if they need our assistance. We will always be there in an emergency or if there is a risk that people may put themselves in danger trying to assist an animal themselves, but not all animal rescues need our help."

Members of the public who come across an animal injured or in distress can call the RSPCA's 24 hour helpline on 0300 1234 999 or go to