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Purley couple praised for doing the ‘right thing’ at fuse board blaze

02/02/2016 19:31
House or flat fire

A couple who ‘got out, stayed out and called 999’ after their fuse board caught fire have been praised by the Brigade.

The man and woman smelt smoke coming from cupboard next to the kitchen and investigated to find their fuse board was alight. They closed the door of the cupboard, got out of the property and called the Brigade.

London Fire Brigade spokesperson said:

“The couple did the right thing by getting out, staying out and calling 999. We see far too many injuries by people trying to tackle fires themselves rather than leaving it to the professionals.

“By closing the door they helped contain the fire to the cupboard and limit the damage to the rest of the house.”

Fire investigators believe it was caused by a faulty connection in the fuse board. The Brigade has previously campaigned with Electrical Safety First about the dangers of fires in fuse boards also known as consumer units.

The Brigade was called to Brighton Road in Purley at 1931 and the fire was under control by 1946. Fire crews from Wallinghton and Croydon fire station attended the scene.