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Carbon monoxide leak in Westbourne Park

12/04/2016 21:10
Kensington and Chelsea

Two fire engines and 10 firefighters dealt with a carbon monoxide leak in a office building on Acklam Road in Westbourne Park last night.

The Brigade was contacted by the Southern Gas Network (SGN), following elevated readings of carbon monoxide from the five storey office building.

Three people left the building before the arrival of the Brigade and thankfully they were uninjured. Fire crews wearing breathing apparatus swept the building and ventilated the premises.

Firefighters want everyone to make sure they have a carbon monoxide detector in their home. A spokesperson for the London Fire Brigade said:

“Carbon monoxide is a silent killer, with least 50 deaths nationally recorded every year as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning. Despite this, the majority of people still do not have a carbon monoxide detector in their home. It is vital that everyone has a carbon monoxide alarm in addition to smoke alarms.”

Carbon monoxide alarms should be placed in rooms with fuel burning appliances, such as boilers in kitchens and fires in the lounge.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding positioning, testing and replace the alarm.

• Ensure your home has enough ventilation and airbricks are not blocked
• Keep chimney flues free from blockages
• Never use a purpose-built or disposable barbecue indoors
• Get a Gas Safe registered engineer to inspect your gas appliances

The Brigade was called at 2110 and the incident was under control around 2320. Fire crews from Hammersmith fire station attended the scene.