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Bonfire out of control in Streatham

06/10/2015 09:51
Outdoor fire

Firefighters are warning residents about the dangers of unattended bonfires as they dealt with an out of control blaze in Streatham.

Two fire engines from West Norwood attended after residents believed a house was on fire on Knollys Road.

West Norwood Watch Manager Sally Coxon said:

“When we arrived we found a large bonfire in the garden. It was clearly out of control and we were also concerned about the smoke affecting a nearby train line. Although the owner eventually arrived we felt the washing up bowl of water he had wasn’t sufficient. We were right as it took two tanks of water to deal with the blaze.

“Never leave your bonfire unattended and consider your neighbours when you do decide to have a fire in your garden.”

The Brigade was called at 0951 and the fire was under control by 1004.