Last updated: 26/11/2018, 2:38 PM

Enfield – firefighters rescue man

05/01/2015 03:19

Firefighters rescued a man from a flat fire on Burncroft Avenue, Enfield in the early hours of this morning. A small amount of the ground floor flat was damaged by the blaze but there was heavy smoke throughout the flat.

There was a hard wired smoke alarm in the flat but it had been disconnected. Fire crews arrived and found the man in the bedroom overcome by smoke. They brought him out into the fresh air and gave first aid before London Ambulance Service arrived.

Crew Manager Lee Davis, who was at the scene said:

“There is little point having a smoke alarm if it doesn’t work. The man was incredibly lucky and I’d urge everyone to start the new year by checking their smoke alarm works. We believe that the fire was caused by the careless disposal of cigarettes. Make sure you always put your cigarettes right out before going to bed.”

The Brigade was called at 0319 and the fire was under control at 0400. Fire crews from Enfield fire station attended the scene.