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Valentine’s roses burn in Chiswick fire

19/02/2015 03:01
Fire at commercial property

A storage unit and four commercial waste bins were damaged by a fire on Essex Place in Chiswick early this morning.

A large helium cylinder was found in the burning storage unit. Fire crews set up a 200 metre exclusion zone around the industrial area and cooled the 25 litre cylinder to prevent an explosion.

Watch Manager David Robinson from Chiswick Fire Station, who was at the fire, said:

“The waste bin contained roses that had been thown away, but fortunately it was Valentine’s Day last week. Only unsold roses and broken hearts were involved. ”

Two fire engines and around 10 firefighters and officers from Chiswick and Acton Fire Stations attended the incident.

The Brigade was called at 0301 and the fire was brought under control at 0427

The cause of the fire is believed to be careless disposal of a cigarette into one of the commercial waste bins.