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Black Lab rescued from Thames

06/08/2015 09:09
Animal rescue

Firefighters from Lambeth River boat station helped marine police to rescue a black Labrador from the river Thames this morning. The dog called Luna had gone into the river near St Thomas' Hospital. The Brigade was told that the owner was looking to enter the water after it.

London Fire Brigade spokesperson said:

“We arrived at the same time as the police and firefighters assisted marine officers in getting it safely onto the police boat. The dog was unhurt and quickly reunited with it’s owner.

“It can be very distressing if you see your dog in the water with no way of getting out but it’s very important that you don’t go in after it as you could be putting yourself at great risk. Call 999 and the emergency services will attempt the rescue.”

The Brigade was called at 0909 and the incident was over by 0918.