London Safety Plan.

How we will help to make London a safer city.

What is the London Safety Plan?

The London Safety Plan (LSP) outlines all we will do for the next four years to help make London a safer city.

It is what's called an 'Integrated Risk Management Plan' (IRMP) as set out in the government’s national framework for the fire and rescue service.

How is the London Safety Plan made?

In December 2016, we consulted with the public on a number of aspects in the latest London Safety Plan, including the changing role of firefighters and how we record attendance times. The consultation closed on 30 January 2017.

Our new London Safety Plan was agreed on 30 March by the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority.

Can the public access the latest London Safety Plan?

Yes, of course. You can download the 2016 plan – and past plans – at the bottom of this page or using the link below.

Download our latest London Safety Plan>

Read about our performance in 2017/18 >

Did you know?

The first London Safety Plan was created in 2004.

London Safety Plan downloads

First London Safety Plan

Download PDF (665kb)

Second London Safety Plan

Download PDF (2,596kb)

Third London Safety Plan

Download PDF (1,453kb)

Fourth London Safety Plan

Download PDF (1,355kb)

Fifth London Safety Plan

Download PDF (1,890kb)

Sixth London Safety Plan – current plan

Download PDF (3,277kb)