We know how important it is

to teach children all about fire safety education from a young age, so our Education team have created resources for you to use at home.

When our Education team visit classes in primary schools they cover three main areas - prevention, detection, and escape.


Our escape video below explains all about the importance of discussing your escape route in advance, how to check if a door is hot, how to avoid smoke, and how to call for help. It's aimed at children around 5-7 years old.

Watch our online fire safety session for children: Escape

Extra learning

Sit down as a family and work out your own escape route. Think about how your escape route might change at night compared to during the day. Draw it out, and update it if you need to.


Our prevention video below explains how fires happen, and how we can all take steps to prevent them - whether that's by cooking safely, never playing with lighters or matches, or asking adults to put out their cigarettes carefully. It's aimed at children aged around 8-11.

Watch our online fire safety session for children on preventing fires

Extra learning

As a family, why don't you try working your way around your home and spotting any potential causes of fire? Then you can agree how you might prevent them from becoming a problem.


Our detection video talks about the different types of smoke alarms and heat alarms. It also covers the importance of regular testing.

Watch our online fire safety session for children on the topic of detection

Extra learning

If you want to continue the learning after watching the video we recommend working together as a family to check you have alarms where you need them, and that they’re working.

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